Hospitals spend $30 billion each year to treat Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

HAIs prolong patient stay, adding a total of 2.7 million hospital bed days each year.

HAIs are also estimated to cause 100,000 patient deaths each year.

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine. "Hospital-Acquired Infections." eMedicine from WebMD, May 23, 2006

Your Healthcare Facility can Decrease HAIs . . . Improve Patient Safety . . . Reduce Costs

HealthCure studies published in the American Journal of Infection Control

Genesys partnered Study

Long-acting water-stable organosilane agent and its sustained effect on reducing microbial load in an intensive care unit Read the full study.

Beaumont partnered Study

Evaluation and quantitative microbial risk assessment of a unique antimicrobial agent for hospital surface treatment Read the full study.

HAIs are Preventable

Hospital Acquired Infections pose exceptional patient risk from dangerous pathogens like MRSA, VRE, and Clostridium difficile. At the same time they pose extreme economic challenges for the hospital. Both are preventable.

A Proven Solution

HealthCure and the HealthCure System is leading the charge to reduce hospital pathogens, enhance patient safety and improve the hospital bottom line.  Our mission is to provide a cleaner hospital environment and healthier patients.

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